Metropolitan Commissioner:

You will find that the Authority Committee is the most authoritative committee. This is due to the committee managing all items related to the MMRDA. It also consists of a government. Included in the government is the Chairman, Minister of Development, along with many other members…… Read more about OFFICERS OF MMRDA

All About The MMRDA


The Mumbai Metropolitan Development Act of 1974 helped create the MMRDA on January 26, 1975.

The main goal of the MMRDA is to help establish MMR as a very economic destination by helping to provide these things: infrastructures, buildings, and architectures that will help improve the quality of living. By living by these standards, the MMRDA helps with planning, promoting, and implementing many centers, projects, and infrastructures.

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All About MMR


The Mumbai Metropolitan¬†Region or also known as the abbreviated version MMR consists of an area of 4,000 sq. kilometers. This area also consists of the Municipal Corporations and Councils. However, there are eight different Corporations. These different corporations consist of Kaylan-Dombivali, Vasai-Virar, Greater Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Mira-Bhayandar, Ulhasnagar, and Bhiwandi-Nizamapur. There are also nine Municipal Councils. … Read more