Who We Are

Mumbai Metropolitan Development Act of 1974 created the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) in January 26, 1975.

MMRDA aims to establish MMR as an economic destination by providing infrastructures, buildings and architectures to enhance the quality of living in the area. Using the frame work of growth of MMR, MMRDA plans, promotes, implements and finances different centers, projects and infrastructures.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority is responsible for:

  • Formulation of Regional Development Plans
  • Giving financial support to regional projects
  • Contribution to the infrastructure projects of the local government
  • Lending a hand for the completion of schemes and projects in MMR
  • Preventing any activity that has negative effect on the further development of the Region

MMRDA monitors, contributes and plans projects that can affect the overall improvement in various sectors such as transportation, water and drainage system and preservation of the environment in the city.