Wadala Truck Terminal

The Government of Maharashtra assigned MMRDA as the Special Planning Authority in the 115.44 ha area to establish the Wadala Truck Terminal

The aim of the Truck Terminal is to relieve the traffic congestion in South Mumbai. This is caused by the transport warehouses and office located at the B and C Wards.  MMRDA switched these transport companies in order to minimize the traffic caused by trucks in public roads. The Truck Terminal is located at the Wadala, Mumbai which would be the first for the city to handle transport companies. This terminal can accommodate 3,000 trucks at once. This truck terminal has complete facilities such as warehouses and offices to easily manage the goods. Also it has other facilities such as staff dormitories, workshops, banks, repair shops, restaurants and more. A Truck Terminal Authority was established to ensure that transport companies follow the rules and regulation of the Government.

The project will be completed in four phases. The initial phase was the development of 25 ha of area for the basic facilities and 9 buildings for the shops, offices, warehouses and RTO were all completed. The Amneity Building for the dormitories, guest house, staff quarters, Police Station, Fire Station, MTNl and Post Office is completed.

The construction of Wadala-Anik and Sion-Kioliwada Road is in progress as well as the Monrali station.  Also the Sewerage Treatment plant, street lights, water and drainage system are all in progress. The improvement of the landscape and road widening will be completed soon.