Our Achievements

MMRDA has accomplished many things ever since it was established in 1976. The following are their proud achievements:


1. The alteration of general markets
The MMRDA was successful in making changes in the agricultural and steel markets in certain parts of Mumbai towards Navi Mumbai.
2. Mumbai Urban Transport Project
MMRDA achieved
Building of five flyovers in the Mumbai flyovers and also five BEST bus stations
Additional 70 buses for BEST
The construction of bus terminals
The development of underpasses and pedestrian bridges for the safety of citizens
Placing of traffic lights in 77 crossroads.
World Bank’s project was successfully established in 1985 until 1994
88,000 sites were further developed and 35,000 community houses were improved
Enhanced the municipal services by acquiring new equipment
4. The Regional Plan
MMDRA planned, issued and submitted the approval of the Draft Regional Plan to the Government of Maharashtra. In September 1999, the Government of Maharashtra approved the Regional Plan for MMR 1996-2011.
5. Megacity Plan
The fund for Megacity was set
Sports Complex at the Dombivali and road bridges at Airoli and Kalwa was financially supported
6. Environment Preservation Plan
MMRDA used Rs. 50 million for each sanctuary, eco-park and other infrastructures for the conservation of the environment.


  • Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) – With its 17,400 square meter office area is located at ‘E’ Block and it has offered 17,400 new job opportunities for people and also financial institutions were also constructed at the ‘G’ Block.
  • Mahim Nature Park – With the help of WWF, MMRDA improved an area in ‘H’ block of about 15 ha. in the Bandra-Kurla Complex.
  • Wadala Tuck Terminal – The first part of the project was the construction of facilities and 4 buildings for warehouses, shops and offices.
  • Oshiware District Centre – It is built for residential and commercial purposes and made possible with the help of generous land owners.

Financially Supported Projects

The following are flyovers which were financially supported by the MMRDA which are already completed or in the process of completion. They funded:

  • Everard Nagar with Rs. 156 million
  • Amar Mahal with Rs. 116 million
  • Kala Nagar with Rs. 151 million
  • Mahim with Rs. 109 million
  • Turbhe with Rs 75 million