Eastern Freeway

Eastern Freeway Project is one of MMRDA’s projects in order to solve traffic problems in the near future and to meet the needs of the commuters. This 16.9-kilomtere freeway will help people who travel from South Mumbai to Panvel-Pune and Thane-Nashik. They will save time and fuel when the project is finished.

The Project is composed of three phases:

Phase 1: Eastern Freeway

The initial phase of the Project is from SV Patel junction in P D’Mello Road will come across the Anik-Panjarpol Link Road through Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT). This is to reduce the traffic in MbPT. The first phase of the Freeway has the distance of 92.9 km, with the width of 17.2 meters and has 4 lanes.

Phase 2: Anik-Panjarpol Link Road

This second phase of the Freeway System begins in the Anik in Wadala and finishes at the Panjarpol Junction on the Sion-Panvel Link Road. There are three underpasses, five bridges, a single foot bridge and two channels in this 4.3-kilometer Link Road. Some parts of the road are elevated and at ground level and has eight lanes.

Phase 3: Panjarpol-Ghatkopar Link Road

This is third and elevated road of the Freeway Project. The initial point is from Panjarpol Junction on the Sion-Panvel Link Road with the tail at the Chembur-Mankhurd Link Road through Tukaram Patil Mare. It is 3 km in length, 17.2 meters wide and has 4 lanes.