Bandra Kurla Complex

Bandar Kurla Complex (BKC) was built for the future and growth of employment and commercial in Mumbai. MMRDA was assigned as the Special Planning Authority for the development of this complex in 1977 in the low lands of Vakola Nalla, Mahim Creek and Mithi River. It has now 1,17,100 sq. meters of different offices, institutions and business establishments including Provident Fun, Reserve Bank of India and Income Tax.  It gives many job opportunities to millions of people in the area. It also has the City Park which is visited by thousands of people annually.

As of today, BKC has staff quarters, companies, MCNs’ headquarters, 5 Star Hotels, Diamonds Bourse, clubs, and even hospitals. BKC even accommodates a 30-kilometer cycle track.

The growth of the complex has significant impact to Mumbai’s economy and the ’E’ block development is essential.

The development of the Complex was also to improve the drainage system and minimize the pollution in the city especially in the three bodies of water BKC is located. In order to reduce the occurrence of floods, further enhancement of the bed gradient and widening of the land were necessary.